Why Choose Tradevago Capital?
There’s a lot to consider when you’re choosing the right trading partner, so we’ve outlined our key strengths below.
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Our Approach
Tradevago Capital has built and developed a robust trading methodology, with a proprietary operations system, run by an experienced execution and back office team. Tradevago Capital exclusively invests in the forex market. We employ both a long-term and short-term trading model which adopts a multi-tier approach. The long-term model profits from short to medium term deviations from fair value in the global currency markets. The short-term trading model employs use of higher frequency automated algorithmic trading methods which allows us to arbitrage market price at an institutional level.

At Tradevago Capital, we are sharp in providing focused investment trading strategies designed and applied specifically to the forex market. We provide sophisticated FX management services to a wide range of clients including retail investors, institutional and other accredited/qualified investors.
Security of Funds
We comply with the securities and commission’s rules and regulations to ensure all clients funds are protected. As such, your money is distinguished separately and is held in fully segregated accounts. Tradevago Capital clients maintain full access, ownership and control over their investment. Clients have full transparency to monitor the trading activity in their investment account 24/7.
Licensed and Regulated
As a Fund management company powered by our brokerage CDG Global, We are regulated and licensed by the following. - St. Vincent and the Grenadines Financial Services Authority, registered under registration number 24993. - Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) with an Australian Financial Services license No. 224485 - Labuan Financial Services Authority and its LFSA License number is MB/20/0047 - Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under license number 332/17
Risk Management
With sophisticated risk methodology and broader diversification, we can effectively spread risk in an economically viable way. Tradevago Capital’s investment approach is designed to achieve aggressive outsized profits while building on the foundation of rigorous risk management and capital preservation principles. We seek to minimize open market exposure while maximize the opportunities presented to us by the volatility inherent in the forex market. For our team at Tradevago Capital, long term success means acknowledging and preparing for those times when markets and/or trading strategies may stagnate or result in losses. We employ the discipline, structure, and dedicated research and development to weather and limit these periods to insignificant levels.

Our uncompromised focus on risk management is paramount to all that we do. We analyze risk with a proprietary combination of internally developed tools that evaluate downside via a variety of metrics. Strict risk management is rooted within every step of the investment process. This reflects a combination of capital exposure limits, stop losses, and quantitative measures.
Over 15 Years Expierence
At Tradevago Capital, we believe that the key to its success is its integrated and experienced team and a robust infrastructure. Our traders have over 20 years of collective market experience amongst them, ranging from investment banks to asset management. Our fund management is powered by our partnering company CDG GLOBAL, an international diversified group that has been in subordinate industries covering industrial, financial investments and online electronic trading products such as forex, index, precious metals, crude oil. Being in the Forex industry since 2003, it has done a turnover of more than $13 Trillion.
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Dedicated support, 24 hours a day
Get access to support around the clock whenever the markets are open, from our dedicated Client Management team. If you happen to experience any technical or account difficulties, you can quickly and easily get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable team.
Affiliate Program
By introducing our company’s services, you will receive beneficial partnership commission. Tradevago Capital offers a lucrative affiliate program. We tailor every affiliate differently based on volume. This allows our clients to earn another stream of income seamlessly.
Low Minimum Investments
We made it easy to get started with as little as $5000 for retail investors who also want to take advantage of the investment opportunities.
Islamic Investments
At Tradevago Capital we are proud to be a forex fund management company that is Certified by the Shariah supervisory board (SSB). All our investments services are shariah compliant, issued by Chairman Sheikh Hasan Qamra of the Shariah Supervisory Board.

"We seek to diversify our investment opportunites as the revolution of Quantum AI trading progessively take lead in the frontier of the financial markets."

M. Mirghani Ahmed