Frequently Asked Questions

Tradevago Capital Investment Account

1. How is the performance fee paid?

The performance fee is automatically deducted from your account following the settlement period. You will be able to view performance fees paid out at the beginning of every week on your investors portal.

2. How about the trading transparency, can we view the trades taken on our investment?

Tradevago Capital provides 100% transparency trading and clients can monitor every single trade taken at any time on their Investor’s portal.

3. How do I Check the current performance of my investment?

You will be given your login credentials to our investors portal. Here you will be able to view your investments and all its progress

4. Do you require any documents for registering?

Following the AML Policy, Our Brokerage CDG will require you to verify your account with a VALID piece of ID Document and/or a proof of address.

5. How am I ensured security for my funds?

Once you deposit your investment in your account under our partnered brokerage CDG Global, your investment funds are then put under a fully segregated bank account which is regulated and secured by Financial Services Authority and Securities Commissions which we are regulated by (ASIC, CySec, LFSA, SVGFSA, SSB)

6. Once my funds successfully transferred into my account, when will my investments begin trading?

You will begin the following day when rollover occurs and your funds will be added to our management.

7. Does anyone else have access to my funds?

No, you are the proprietor of this account and the only one who can make deposits to or withdrawals from this account. The only power you grant is for Fund management under Tradevago Capital which is the power to trade your account through a Limited Power of Attorney, which also authorizes the deduction of the agreed performance fee, spreads, join fee etc.

8. Is my investment guranteed from any loss?

Forex carries a high risk Investment. We use Quantum AI technology to risk mitigate all our investors funds, hedging out any possible risks that could incur in the markets. This does NOT mean your capital is Guaranteed from loss, however we do place a “Stop-out” level on every clients account which completely hedges our clients investments. Another tool we have placed to cover our clients investment is our security funds which supports the open positions of our clients. In the event that the client needs to withdraw their funds due to emergency before the Lock-in period has ended, we charge the client 5% penalty fees and will use the security funds to cover the floating positions.

9. Who can open an account with Tradevago Capital?

Any individual of at least 18 years of age, or at least the age of majority in the jurisdiction where he/she resides; or any duly established legal entity can open an account with our partnered brokerage CDG GLOBAL where funds will be managed under Tradevago Capital. Residents from All Regions are welcomed to join.

10. Do I need to make investment to participate in your partnership program?

Investment deposit is obligatory if you wish to participate in our beneficial partnership program. You are issued a partnership ID and partnership link as soon as you create account under our partnered brokerage CDG GLOBAL. You need to at all times have an investment managed under Tradevago Capital to participate in our partnership program. You can withdraw your partnership commissions but are required to hold other investments managed by us to continue receiving partnership commissions.

Tradevago Capital Deposits & Withdrawals

1. What methods do I use to deposit my funds in my brokerage account?

You will be able to deposit using various methods depending on your region. The current available deposit option with our Partnered company CDG :- Debit/Credit ,PayPal, Wire transfer and Cryptocurrency. If you reside in South East Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam etc) , Our partnered company CDG has offered Instant local Bank deposit methods.

2. Is there any fees for Depositing or Withdrawing?

If there is any deposit or withdrawal fees incurred depending on the type of payment method made, Tradevago Capital will reimburse the amount back into your investment account. (Please note all currency conversions are made by third party payments and is not included under our fee Waiver. Fees will be calculated in USD Currency).

3. How long does it take for my deposit/Withdrawal?

Depending on the method you have chosen, it can vary between 24-72 Business hours.

4. What is the process of withdrawing my initial capital funds?

As per the investment package you have Chosen, the minimum lock-in Period is 3 Months. The profit you receive can be withdrawn at any moment or reinvested back to your managed investment account. You will be able to request for a withdrawal directly on our investors portal.

5. What is the minimum and maximum investment?

Our investment packages ranges. Our Minimum deposit to begin is $1000. And the maximum investment would be below $100,000. All Deposits of $100,000 and over will need to contact us directly for investments.

6. How can I increase my investment?

You can deposit into your investment account which will automatically calculate the previous deposits and adjust the lock-in period for any new funds added.

7. What If I need to withdraw all my funds in case of an emergency?

If you withdraw your Initial investment before the lock in period has ended, there will be a 5% Penalty Fee of total balance. This is due to the disruption of the fund management while open positions are running. Tradevago capital would top up the fund management with the same amount of funds that you have withdrawn (Initial Investment), whereby a penalty fee is then charged.